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Cycling in Rainy Weather

by Debi Starnes, Atlanta

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Debi Starnes balances her responsibilities as president of EMSTAR Research, Inc., with her role as owner of Sugar Magnolia Bed and Breakfast. Outside of work, Debi Starnes participates in a wide variety of hobbies, including biking through her Atlanta community.
Inevitably, every cyclist will ride in inclement weather at times. You must remain particularly diligent in rainy weather, when circumstances may make riding more challenging and dangerous than normal. Dressing appropriately and knowing how to prepare for wet roads are crucial to staying safe while riding in the rain.
It is important to stay dry and visible to motorists when biking during a rainstorm. Waterproof cycling jackets provide full cover for your torso while also keeping you warm and healthy. In addition, you should wear shoe covers to prevent your feet from getting cold. Rainy weather also makes it more difficult for motorists to see you on the side of the road, so you should make sure to purchase brightly-colored cycling gear.
In addition to keeping yourself dry, you should properly prepare your bike for a ride in the rain. Water will wash away the lubrication on your bicycle chain, so invest in heavier products for use in wet conditions. If you live in a rainy city, you can also install fenders on your bike to prevent tire splashing each time you cycle.                            
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